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Monday, here I come!

Here I come #Monday, a perfect start to correct last week’s mistakes.


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Life Fluctuates

One day
You’re silent
Calm and Relax
The next day
You’re bad
Angry and stubborn
The following day
You’re blank

You are facing
Different faces
Different moods
But in every changes
Life gets better
You are learning
You never stop exploring
Things that can satisfy
Your desire and taste


That is how you reveal the BEAUTY of the rocks beneath the sea. Accepting every sea waves that help them shape. So be still and keep calm. The waves will slow down some time and allows you to stand up again. #Life is #Beautiful.


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For the One You Love

When you love what you are working, you seldom see yourself getting tired. What truly inspire is that you’ve found someone who has the same interest in the art you are working.

Only few couples in the old millennial generation find their perfect match because they are scared to make commitments and responsibilities in life. Finding someone who understand the things that makes you happy is a blessings. And that makes you a great partner working together for the same goal that you want to achieve when you get older.

It’s not having a child but having the perfect chemistry of mood in the real life situation. Working together, helping each other and bringing the best from not so perfect life you live together. Above all of these, you put all your trust in the Lord who gives all the things you asked for. Whether it is good or bad, for as long as you have each other by your side, everything will be fine.

Night Time



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Finding Inspiration

Every graphics artist needs inspiration even a poet and a writer. How to be inspired? You have two choices: either to look at the bad or good sides of your life.

Being happy and overwhelmed, all of us get an idea how to start that feeling right. Doing things in an organize way and feel the surrounding is blending our mood.

But for an artist, sometimes we get the best art out of mistakes, out of difficulties, and out of confused brain. And before we get started to work for real, we tried many attempts to get the best stroke and layout. Encountered hitting delete and undo keys several times in the keyboard. Sometimes, we need to express ourselves, released the unknown energy that blocks our creativity.

After this, we say, “Okay, back to work!”

Thinking Too Much