Let’s make a change: 2019

As far as I remember, this post was created on January 2, 2019. And yet, I haven't started anything concrete on what to share with you, anything inspirational and lessons in life to take note, maybe. As of today, March 28, I still find myself incomplete in processing my timeline for this year. Work from … Continue reading Let’s make a change: 2019

2018 My Life Review

Dodging Challenges This year was amazing year. So much changed. Some goods and not so bad but worth a try. One year of waiting after I submitted my application for the non-teaching position was still processing this year so I waited that long. Our house is now visible without doors and windows installed but soon … Continue reading 2018 My Life Review

My Lost Soul in Christmas

December 1, 2012 up to this date, I never feel that Christmas is coming Thinking that Christmas is just for little kids at home. On that particular date, I lost my first unborn child. I never get enough of it until I've found out that Christmas season will never be same. I am so happy … Continue reading My Lost Soul in Christmas

When in PAIN, I can EXPRESS myself BETTER…

Count ONE, TWO, THREE... Inhale and exhale, never let your mind speak when you are in pain. Once in a while we lost track of our emotions. When we feel disappointed, it's really hard to control and hold your pain. Trust me, emotional pain management may fall to anger management. Once you know how to … Continue reading When in PAIN, I can EXPRESS myself BETTER…