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Illustrations of my Niece

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We are 30s

Early this morning, I have a great conversation with my fellow IT faculty. We’ve talked about IT career in the remote places and having IT as a teaching profession. Really hit us so hard! We are living in the middle of digital transition 10 years ago and now we are facing the ugly truth of transfering knowledge to these young adults taking up Computer Science and Information Technology courses.


  • Late 30, she is a college instructor in a private institution;
  • Mid-30, he is also a college instructor from a private school; and
  • Early 30, your storyteller.

We are in our 30s and this is how the conversation goes through.

I enter the computer laboratory room starting my welcome conversation with, “Hi! I was enjoying a conversation a while ago that I haven’t noticed the time. Am I late? Where are the others? What time are we going to start?” I am talking about the group of students who is about to present their final thesis with us. They both glanced at me, as I am smiling towards them trying to divert an attention and bring them a nice conversation.

I seated beside the mid-30 who is currently busy working on his netbook with teaching load report. I started the topic, “Are you also the one doing that thing?” then he smiled. “How is it going?” I asked him. “Well, everything is good so far”, he answered.

In my curiosity, I asked another question. “How do you find the workload and employment status in your institution during this transition stage?” looking at him with eagerness to hear more stories.

“Okay, the problem I am facing with these data is the highest rate of turn-overs. I mean, the faculty in their 20s under my college program lasted only for two years. Then they will file a resignation immediately for the most common reason, they’ve found greener pasture like being hired in a public institution or in a remote workplace where the income is quiet better than what we offer in private. Why those who are teaching in our field (Information Technology program) have the highest turn-over among other programs we offered? I am talking about IT faculty in their 20s, they are difficult to please. They can’t stay in one place for years”, then he laughed.

“And how about us, we are in our 30s? Why we are still in this field? “, I uttered. “Maybe, we have a highly dedicated in this kind of work. And it is very hard on us to give up this profession”.

The late 30s joined the conversation, “There is another issue, these 20s are digital natives and we can’t blame them on their attitude towards career. They quickly learned things”.

“This is the reason why in teaching industry we keep on learning and studying. Continue master’s degree and later get the doctorate”, she continued.

True. “And for us to keep up-to-date, we try different jobs (both traditional and online) to share them the experiences we have. In that way, we are also learning to embrace the fast changing technologies in their time”, I added.

The workforce that made up of employees/personnel in 30s are found to be more productive (that was a study conducted on 2003). It has big difference nowadays, millenials who reached the age of 30s has different performance level at work.

This may vary in the types of job they are working in. But in the teaching industry here in the Philippines (specifically in the university that I am currently teaching), millenial faculty and staff who are in 30s are not as productive as the study shown in 2003. This is the result of globalization that creates diversity among individuals.

How many percent among the employees/personnel in 30s have their gadget used overnight watching movies online, lurking in the different social media platforms, and maintaining blog? This activities can cause low productivity at work.

What problems we are facing in teaching the digital citizens?

This will be the next realization topic in my next post.

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So Humble

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There was a young lady in early mid-30s who never give up on things she wants to do. No matter how harsh the people around her for all the imperfections she have in her life. Her mysterious smile always brought her to light and a frown from those who hates her.

She is not a Sunday church-goer but she always quoted God’s words in every conversations. So kind of her but life is not so fair. People create standards of living that she find it hard to follow. They judge her like she is incapable to do something. But her skills so amazing to contribute something valuable and helps many people to make their life easier. She has brilliant ideas but not so brave enough to express herself.

As time passed, she remains so humble. Her kindness are known only to her small circle. Not so big enough to reveal her heart. Yet, she is famous with her smile that anyone can’t resist to give it back. A smile so honest to be good and so sincere to be true.