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Fear Of Going Out

Introvert and the FOGO syndrome

Being an introvert, I find my strength when I’m alone. Leaving our house is like fighting a battle in my head. I haven’t yet leave but I am thinking about going home soon as I leave the house.

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Better or Worst New Normal

The New Normal outside my Comfort Zone


Everything changed, that is the only constant thing I know.

Going back to the workplace is not the same. Wearing mask from the moment you step out of your residence until you get home is not a joke! From a surgical mask covered with a cloth mask then a face shield if you are talking to a lot of people or walking in public crowded place like grocery store. I also admit wearing all these things make my hearing difficult and it’s killing my ear wearing hearing aids all the time at work. Real torture for a person with disability (PWD) like me.

The anxiety of taking the face mask off even you are alone in your office is not safe. Good thing that my body clock is different from the normal Filipino meal time, I don’t need to eat my lunch at 12PM in my workplace. My lunch time is 4-5PM at most while my dinner is around 10PM-12AM. Worst thing is that, I can’t drink water inside my office. I need to go outside looking for an open space and then drink some water. Can you feel how hard is that if you really care for your family’s safety because you’re the only one exposing them.

Knowing that you are in an airconditioned room shared with someone who get infected by the virus is not secure. Though disinfection is done several times, the airflow is not cleaned! There are still something hidden in the AC unit. Come to think that some of our office staff have been isolated and quarantine three times now as of this moment that I am writing this blog.

Hey, this is a New Normal! I feel better working virtually but worst case if I have to work onsite. I prefer the pressure of working remotely than forcing myself to wear double face masks for almost 7 hours.

New Normal

Way back 2020, baby boomers in our workplace are resisting the use of technology and paperless transactions. One year later, they are starting to embrace it. Acknowledging its advantages and gaining confidence in how to use it.

On the other side, Work From Home (WFH) is now acceptable both private and government sectors to help prevent the spread of virus. But unfortunately, WFH has several interpretations from personnel who are not used to this setup. I will tell you more about it in the next blog post.

Another new normal during this pandemic is the excessive used of social media applications to brag certificates, work from home office setup, COVID vaccination card, list of honor students, list of personnel salary released, screenshots of online classes and many more to mention. These are the top concerned issues in my list to worry about data privacy of every individual involved. To elaborate some stories, I will also reserve this in my next blog post.

So here we are in the New Normal, whether it makes us feel better or worst, we have to take it. Courageously with utmost faith in God. He mean no harm to us, He is also bleeding with us due to our human negligence. It is not Him who created this infectious deseases but the humanity alone. We cause all these sufferings in the world, don’t blame Him. Some human being who were blessed with highest intelligence forgot humbleness and take up their pride to climb high in the ladder of the most powerful men on earth. We have to maintain our faith in Him, rebuild our relationship with Him, and still believe in Him. All of these sufferings and pains will passed away in the near time.

Let’s bend our knees together and humbly ask for His protection to shield us from the unseen enemy that tear humanity apart from the Maker. The darkness that unfolds the earth will soon be over, light will shine upon us. Keep believing and have faith in your heart. God loves us all. ☝❤😇

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I am just here, deep deep down myself where I can say I am okay and safe.

It’s been awhile, every time I attempt to read my mind and decipher myself. I am stuck and I don’t know how to express myself. I am afraid to be judged. Once in a while, I stepped out online and keep myself busy in the real world of Me and Myself.

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Good self-care is key to improved mood and reduced anxiety. Learning how to take good care of yourself is not a selfish act. Looking after yourself is one way to stay firm amidst chaos we are facing nowadays. This way you can keep your mind sharp and stay focus on things that matters. It is also one way to avoid breakdown in some areas of your health: mental, emotional, and physical.

It is important to be aware of your whole being. Dealing with people in the workplace is one thing to oversee when it comes to self-care. If you don’t have enough sleep the night before, how are you going to deal with unpredictable behaviors of people in your workplace? Yes, getting enough sleep is one way of taking care of yourself. Whatever the moods they are in, you are still calm and in control of your mental health.