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Wedding Series

We are all married!

My Sibling’s Wedding series

I’ve got married on 2009, but watching over my siblings journey in their respective love story also helps my married life. Being the eldest among the three siblings, I need to become an example of what a typical wife should be despite of my imperfection and hot-tempered. Luckily, I’ve got married to someone who is cool enough for my siblings to share their secrets. I know almost everything if not all things through my husband.

Four years after, my brother got married on 2013. They have one little girl who is 3 years old now. Some things changed, I’ve got an extra role in taking care of my niece being her playmate, teacher and also a backup mother when my sister-in-law is not around.

Then, four years after my brother’s wedding here we go with my sister’s wedding this year 2017. Another official member of our family added in the circle of my siblings.

One night, my husband noticed the gap between the years we’ve got married. It was exactly four years interval. Do we plan it? I think it’s how God works in every relationships we have. There is always a right timing and this year is the right time to complete the series of my sibling’s love stories.

Along the Way

Working with a Coach

What inspires me to write something about my work, it is really an inspiration or something that I need to express here in my personal blog.

This is my opinion as a freelance designer who encountered a client with unattainable standard in design.

She has a very high standard, give instructions and resources needed but after following what it is said, she made another instructions that is hard for a designer to figure it out. She didn’t motivate her designer to do better instead of criticizing works that she think she can do better. She specified a task but didn’t know the difference between template and just a design guide for PPT presentation. She is hard to define but a very challenging one. She is very patience even though I didn’t get the things she intended me to do because she change her mind and mood so easily that is unpredictable. I have a hard time on this job, I don’t want to work with someone who didn’t know how to motivate and very perfectionist.

As a designer, I follow the instructions but she didn’t make it clear. This time I doubt my skills but never my abilities to create something that I know it is best for me.

Thank you dear Lord for guiding me always, listening to my heart when You know there’s something wrong.

Along the Way

Believe in HIM

Yesterday, I was with my Mom. We have paid our water bill, we also went to the tailor to get fitted for my new uniform, we also paid my monthly mobile subscription, looked for sandals to wear on my sister’s wedding, purchased rechargeable fan, went to the grocery, went to the wet market and finally got home. That was my whole afternoon activity yesterday. Along that busy schedule, going there, moving there, and stop over.

The most memorable part among those activities was the time I was paying for the sandals at the counter. I read the note that looks like a receipt saying, “Sold to: May God Bless Our Sales“. I said to myself, “Yes, God! You’re here! You bless their sales and You brought me here!” God really works in different ways.



A video showing my previous works. At first, I look at it as my past time but later on becomes my part time job and hopefully will be my long-term and full-time job.

If you think I can help you, please feel free toemailme. I will be happy to discuss your project proposal on Creative Arts and Designs or PowerPoint presentation templates and designs.