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Anxiety Attacks

Bubbling thoughts inside... worrying too much gets you nowhere. Keep reminding yourself that you live your life not to please others but to please God for all the good things you have shared without expecting anything in return. That is how you learn to welcome the unexpected blessings that comes along your way.

Along the Way

Standing at the Crossroads Again

Thinking of Changing Jobs There may come a point in our lives that we have to make decisions that will change our life forever. My husband and I always discussed our long-term plan: what will happen next year and the years to come. This is one of our secrets in winning a game of married life:… Continue reading Standing at the Crossroads Again

Along the Way

100+ Days Challenge before 2019

In connection to 100+ Days Challenge before 2019, today marks the 120 days and here is my initial list of things to-do and short-term goals to accomplish before the year ends. Things To-Do Perform duties and obligations as freedom of information officer in our university: (1) submit duly accomplished form of agency request for boarding in… Continue reading 100+ Days Challenge before 2019