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Honest Revelation

Sometimes, we need to stop and ask different questions that takes away our guilt and worry about things and people around us.

  • Have you ever think about yourself? Yes, most of the time. 
  • Have you ever think about of others? Yes, only last May 2016 I stop thinking about them. I already give enough for them to use whatever I can give. I am already abused and they take advantage of my kindness.
  • Have you ever think of your parents? Yes, always. Because I don’t want them to grow old fast. I am afraid to lost them not until I can stand on my own. I always need them by my side.
  • Have you ever give up on things you want to change in your life? No. No way I can give up on things that I know I can.
  • How do you feel about others who rejected you many times? I feel bad to the point that I don’t like them anymore.
  • How do you face those people who hurt you so bad? I smile to them but I don’t start conversation.
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Ink flow of Inspiration

Every pieces found in a publication has its own story to tell and share. No matter how the writer delivers her/his article, there is something behind them that keeps the writing complete. Student writers found this publication as a stepping stone to help students to voice their comments and feedbacks on the issues that concern them.

The disappointments and failures they have faced during the academic year spent in this institution help them explore their own style of writing. Their way of expressing their opinion on social issues about their academic and cultural well-being integrates personality that show on their pieces. Their literary pieces that ignite the soul of an artist started from the pains with their relationship towards their family and friends, and even the struggles in attaining higher grades in return the favor to all the hardships of their parents or guardians who support their education. The distortions of their life keep their ink flow with love and inspiration. This is my definition of the term transfigure in the life of student-writers who believes in their writing skills and ability to transcribe the learnings they have gained in this institution.

The pieces they have created portray different aspects of student’s life as they share the experience of journeying in the hill of finest learning. There might be easy journey up and a hard way of falling down where the true lessons of life begin. So many laughs to cherish and tears to keep that made every students brave enough to conquer the real world. Their head up high and feet on the ground keeps them coming back to the place where the hill of their lifelong learning started. Their journey continues and the process of transformation never ends. As life never get tired of giving them real tests, no more paper and pen, it is now the true face of learning and application.

Every college publications produce great professionals in their chosen fields. This is the place where student transfigured from someone who seldom heard but incredibly write pieces in the unique and artistic way. For almost eight years of mentoring this college publication, I’ve seen different personalities of student-writers who transfigured as professional. It is my pleasure to see you all transforming into the person that your family is proud of. A writer in you remains forever but the learning continues and helps you transfigure.

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Timid Tuesday

Fine Tuesday morning, I’m so timid of moving. Thinking out loud but my voice remains speechless. Getting much energy from the blessings received for another day, one more story to tell and another experience to share.

Tearful Tuesday for someone who recently lose her little bean. I know that feeling and I feel it just the same. But God has purpose on the things that happening to us. Keeping our faith in the ground.

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SoTireDay (Saturday)

What makes me busy today? Teamwork on handling this international project. This is the first weekend we work together in a professional manner. Seriously exchanging ideas and comments on the output to be submitted to our client’s client. This week is quiet different for me and my hubby.

Today, even I stated its SoTireDay, I give credits to the Bible verse: Homes are built on the foundation of wisdom and understanding. Where there is knowledge, the rooms are furnished with valuable, beautiful things. -Proverbs 24:3-4. This is our home looks like. A place full of knowledge and that makes our room looks valuable. A home-based work sticks family together. Working as a family, as a team while enjoying the company of each other. Its fulfilling and can’t name the price in achieving something great.

This is just the beginning, need to make used of this routine and back to my old routine at work. Working in an educational institution and still working at home. Do we still have time thinking of building a family of our own. Not so sure but God will make a perfect timing for it.

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This makes me realized that I need to get myself back and stop. Pick up some pieces after all disappointments and start another chapter. Well, God never let His people weary. He always make things work out of misery.

Jan Uh Hurry (January) is over and today is my Favor Hurry (February). Last month, there were lots of physical pains. Now, I am suffering from emotional and mental aspects of my life. I need to move on with that feeling of rejections and welcome that sweet opportunity that me and my hubby have it right now. My mind is battling with my ego. I can work better. I am good at my field of work but my eagerness to put some extra efforts suddenly fade. Now, I am enjoying the work we have as a team but my work suffers. I have to go extra miles to get that inspiration back.

Lord, please enlighten my mind and take away that bitterness in my heart. Although I deserve something better but maybe You have other plans. You know the best in my life.

I don’t want competition at work or having a family. We are happy now, contented with the things that we have. But we keep on risking things because we want something better not for ourselves but for our family both sides. You know the desires of our heart. You know us better than we know ourselves. You see how we hide that desire but we tell lies because it hurts. We surrender everything in You dear God. It’s Your time now, we did all our best. I am claiming it in Jesus name!

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Reading & Comprehension

What’s wrong with the social netizens?

Information overload is quiet overwhelming. Sometimes, you don’t know how to comprehend all the news feeds coming. You just hit likes accidentally where in fact, you must hit sad reaction.

Sometimes, people reacts so easily but missed some details before publishing their comments.

This is something that I learned about posting on the things happening in our lives. Most of them misinterpreted the thing about praising God for all the good things happened. For giving us something we’ve been asked for. But people around the social network didn’t know what we’ve been asked for. It’s not the baby thing or pregnancy issue here. Life is not that easy to add another mouth to feed where the truth is, we can’t feed ourselves enough.

Tell me, is it a sin if a couple doesn’t have child of their own? How the society misjudge that kind of idea? Social norms, that is your problem but we don’t go with that idea. We have our own lives to deal with.

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Thunderstruck Tuesday

Thunderstruck Tuesday

Dear God, we praise You forever. We are speechless the whole day as we received something we’ve been asked for. As we make changes in our lives, never leave us Lord.

The sleepless nights worth paid off, the learning continues and the time is perfect now.

Trust the timing of your life.

Your timing is always perfect. Again, thank you Lord!

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Chapter 1: Jan Uh Hurry (January)

Praise you Lord Jesus Christ! We made it!

This is it! This is just the beginning of everything what we’ve been asked for. You are so timely that makes us speechless. We are overwhelmed with Your blessings! Forever we praise You and be living witnesses of Your good news.

Doodle Your Life

Life tastes good but sometimes bitter and sour. Sweet and tasty only comes along if we allow God in our life. Let Him take control as you go with the flow of life.

Jan Uh Hurry, why are you so fast?

Writing this chapter about my life, 28 days had passed and January will soon be over. That 28 pages are great kick off this year. Looking up, summing up, feels better than last year. Bitterness suddenly fade and the light started to shine again. That’s because we allow God to take over! Believe me, He works better than we did.

Oh no, I’m already in the page 29 of my life! Writing this blog is like a relief! Expressing myself about my own perspective in life is like releasing all the bad energy that keeps bothering me. Is this how you feel while talking and having healthy conversation with…

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